Sunday, April 17, 2011

Our Stay-Vacation

This past week was my spring break... It was so nice to have an entire week off work!  There was only one problem...Christian was busier than ever this week with school.  20 page research page, 3 tests, and an oral presentation all in 4 days.   So on thursday night we decided to book a room up at the Park City Hyatt Escada for friday night.  It was a perfect little getaway!  We started out by dropping off LuLu at Aunt Patti's in Salt Lake.  We then drove up to the Gateway mall to do a little shopping then headed up to Park City.  When we checked in to the hotel we got a little surprise of our own!  The concierge asked if we would be alright being upgraded to a suite??  Uh DUH we were stoked!!  We walked into the room and were even more impressed than we thought!  We then ate a lovely dinner at our favorite place "Pizza Noodle" then back to the hotel for a divine hot tub!  It was the perfect "stay-vacation!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Our little baby girl...

This is LuLu....she is quite possibly the funniest dog I have ever seen.  She loves people more than anything!  She sleeps right in between me and Christian every night...she insists on laying as close as possible making it 700 degrees at night!!  But we do absolutely love her and she keeps our life pretty entertaining.

This was her as a pup....

This is her wild as

Our New Humble Abode...we love it!

What can I say...I think one of the most fun parts about getting married is getting to have a place of your own!  Me and Christian have had so much fun decorating our little place!!

This is the only size table that would fit in our little home, so here is our little bar where we eat in.....on Sunday!

Here is where me and Christian spend most of our time...watching our favorite shows and enjoying ours and others company.

Here is where we rest our sweet heads at night after a long day of school/work.

Here is the so called master bath.... where well you know.

Here is MY closet...yes I know it's was my only request for our place!
Christians comes later....

Here is my eyelash extension room....where I do well eyelashes...pretty self explanatory!  
Ps. I do love it!

Here is the guest bathroom...and thank goodness for this...could be a little awkward to have all our guests go through our room to get to the bathroom!

Here is the guest room...didn't think it would get much use...but surprisingly it has been very useful!  We love having guests!

I have had so much fun decorating, I can't wait to be able to actually decorate a real home in....who knows when...

Saturday, April 9, 2011

A Final Decision!!!

Well it only took us 2 months to decide....but drum roll please..... we are going to San Jose California for the summer!  Christian decided to go with pest control.  We couldn't be happier...we get to be with our best friends all summer long.  Granite Christian will be working all day and I will be playing...but I guess that's what you get when I work all year!  Guess it's my turn to play and his turn to work!  Though I really wish that we could both be able to play.  The only bad part about this situation is that Christian leaves 6 weeks before me!  I don't know what I will do without him for 6 weeks.  Lulu can only entertain me for so long.  I really do appreciate all that he does for our little family.  I know that he doesn't love to knock doors all summer long in the scalding hot weather...but he does...for us.  I think the longest we have ever been apart since we were married was like 10 hours this really will be a big struggle for us both.  A little nauseating I know...but come on I'm a newly wed!