Tuesday, November 15, 2011

As Domestic as it Gets

My mom has always made home made strawberry jam...and now I don't like anything but...so It was only necessary that I learned how to make it myself.  So on Saturday morning of conference me and my mom had a "jam session."  It is actually a lot easier to make than I would have thought.  And now I can have it whenever I want...so I am happy and Christian is definitely happy.

Baby Jase

We would like to...very late...congratulate Whitnee and Darren on their new baby boy Jase!  He was born on Semptember 28th 2011 and weighed 6lb. 14oz.  He is absolutely beautiful and I may or may not be obsessed!  I blame her for my baby hungriness...don't worry not anytime soon folks!  I am so glad I live so close now to be able to hold and kiss this baby all the time!

Never too late....Right?

Let's see...wow I am the worst blogger in the history of bloggers!  

Readers Digest Version of August-November 2011

1. We finally moved into our house and are loving it!
2. Christian is now attending UNLV and really enjoying it.
3. We love Vegas and not living in the dreadful snow!
4. We do miss Utah and our friends.
5. We have finally finished decorating the house and love it.
6. I am still teaching at a Montessori school and starting to really enjoy it.
7. Christian started going to the gym again...(he wanted me to say that)
8. We eat Sunday dinner every Sunday at my parents house...i'm in heaven.
9. LuLu is still our dog...
10. My beautiful sister and new brother in law got married!
11. We still love each other oh so much... and that's all that matters!

Love the Otteson's