Thursday, September 12, 2013

4 Months...

Well Parks is 4 months now and more fun then ever!  
Stats are:
height- 24  1/2 inches 50%
                                                           weight- 14.7 lbs  25-50%
                                                                          head- 75%

Parks tried "human" food for the first time this month.  Lets say he pretty much loves everything but rice cereal!  Spits it out every time!  He actually would probably prefer baby food over formula any day... Can't really blame him...that stuff is awful!  

He sits very good in his Bumbo now...especially while watching Bubble Guppies (surprise, surprise)!  Hates tummy time with a passion.  We practice every morning though, and he screams the entire time with his hands and feet off the ground.  I'm pretty convinced he will never crawl.

He is sleeping very well now, giving mom 8 hours!  That deserves a big hallelujah in itself.  

At the end of May Christian drove to St. Louis, where we would be the remainder of the summer doing pest control summer sales door to door.  It was a hard adjustment not having our dad home, but me and Parks managed.  I am a total baby so Parks and I moved in with my parents until I ended school, when we would fly put to meet him.  It was awesome having so much help at my moms!  Don't know what I would do with out her!

To be continued.........

Friday, July 12, 2013

3 Months...Not an Infant Anymore

My baby is 3 months old, I can't believe it!

This month was very different because I was back to work.  I only went back part time, my hours are 7:30-12:00, can't really complain!  Luckily Christain doesn't have school till 1 on Monday and Wednesday so he gets that time to spend with Parks and I think it's really good for them.  On Tuesday Jaycee watches him and Thursday my mom watches him.  Friday Christian doesn't have school so he watches him then as well.  I feel extremely blessed to still be able to work and not have to worry that my baby is at a day care.  I almost actually feel that that time away from him makes me appreciate him that much more.  And I only have about two months before summer break!

This month we also went to Arizona for Parks cousin Gwen's blessing.  It was so fun to see everyone and Gwen's blessing was beautiful!  Everything went great until I got really sick.  I seem to always get very sick when I am there!  I am convinced there is something in their backyard that bothers me??  It was also Easter weekend so we had Easter dinner and then headed out.  Parks did great on the drive again slept most the way!

3 Months

1. Sat in Bumbo for the first time
2. Still hates tummy time
3. Sleeping about 7-8 hours a night
4. Still cat naps 
5. Trying to hold things
6. Loves his binky

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

My New Favorite Job...

I have been a mom now for 2 months and it truly has become my new favorite job!  They are going to have to drag me back to work by my feet.  My morning routine is finally settling in and has probably actually become my favorite time of day.  Parks is so happy in the morning... After his bottle!  Me and Christian learned early on to never go get him from his crib until I am fully ready to nurse, guard on, Boppy in place, burp rag in sight.  Christian is great at going to get Parks and bring him to me in the middle of the night, he then would usually change him and take him back to his crib.  At about 5 weeks we put Parks in his own room, it was very hard for mom, I may have stared at the video monitor all night long??  But so much better in the end because I could not hear his every grunt, snort and moan.

One morning I was giving Parks a bath, I laid him on the bathroom counter like always to lotion up and get him dressed for the day when he let out the cutest little cough you have ever heard.  He was about 6 weeks old now, and a couple hours later I thought about it and realized I don't think I have ever heard an infant cough like that.  As the day went on I heard that little cough many more times.  That night it got pretty bad and I knew I needed to take him to the pediatrician the next morning.  I had heard of many children getting RSV during this time of year, and i had a hunch thats what my baby had.  I could not get into my pediatrician so I saw his PA.  She took a look at him and told me it was just allergies, and unfortunately it may develop into asthma later on in his life.  Not only that, I also needed to get rid of every detergent, lotion, oil, powder anything that had been on the babies body had to go, and I needed to buy all unscented/sensitive new items.  What a fiasco right?  Two days went by with all new products and he still was not getting any better, actually getting much worse.  Being a nervous new mom I took him right back into the pediatricians office 2 days later.  I walked in, told him his conditions and he immediately ran a RSV test.  Sure enough mothers intuition... POSITIVE!  My poor baby... I literally wanted to cry.  The pediatrician continued to tell us that because of his you age we need to keep a close watch on him, and if it gets worse immediately take him to the ER.  I hate the ER more than anything in the world.  They gave us a nebulizer, showed us how to work it and sent us on our way.  Lets say the next two weeks were awful, heart wrenching, and a real growing experience.  Every six hours Parks had to have a nebulizer treatment for 10 minutes...saddest thing i have ever seen.  In the end Parks did recover back to his happy self....thank goodness!

During his second month he also went on his first road trip!  He did amazing...almost slept the entire time there and back.  We drove to Utah with my whole family for spring break.  Oh forgot to mention my hilarious dad rented a 12 seater van for the trek...dream come true.

One of the best things that happened this month was Parks blessing.  We had it on March 3rd in our home ward in Las Vegas.  many family and friends came, and we finally got to see Parks cousin Gwen who was born 3 days after him.  Christian could not have done a better job!  He was absolutely fabulous, brought a tear to my eye.  Parks miraculously did not cry... Hallelujah!

Bits I got from the Blessing:

Recognize the Spirit.
Guidance from Heavenly Father.
Discern from right and wrong.
Example to friends and family.
Protector to your family.
Receive Priesthood Blessings and exhort power.
Through the Power of the Priesthood be able to understand the Lords love for you.
Obey and love your parents and especially your mom.
Serve a full time mission. 
Learn attributes of Jesus Christ and learn from his patience.
Desire to be married and obey the covenants in the temple.
Be a servant to the Lord and a useful tool in our Heavenly Fathers plan.

2 Months:
1.Parks began smiling a lot this month...melted my heart. 
2.Became an excellent nurser.
  3.At his two month check up he weighed 10.8 lbs. being in the 50-75% overall. 
4. At 6 weeks he began his love of Bubble Guppies, literally obsessed and would
 smile every time the purple haired Molly came on the screen.
5. Still only waking up once at night to nurse.
6. Has multiple blow outs a week.