Thursday, April 14, 2011

Our New Humble Abode...we love it!

What can I say...I think one of the most fun parts about getting married is getting to have a place of your own!  Me and Christian have had so much fun decorating our little place!!

This is the only size table that would fit in our little home, so here is our little bar where we eat in.....on Sunday!

Here is where me and Christian spend most of our time...watching our favorite shows and enjoying ours and others company.

Here is where we rest our sweet heads at night after a long day of school/work.

Here is the so called master bath.... where well you know.

Here is MY closet...yes I know it's was my only request for our place!
Christians comes later....

Here is my eyelash extension room....where I do well eyelashes...pretty self explanatory!  
Ps. I do love it!

Here is the guest bathroom...and thank goodness for this...could be a little awkward to have all our guests go through our room to get to the bathroom!

Here is the guest room...didn't think it would get much use...but surprisingly it has been very useful!  We love having guests!

I have had so much fun decorating, I can't wait to be able to actually decorate a real home in....who knows when...


  1. LOVE your apt and love how you're blogging!!!!

  2. love seeing your home.....I can't wait to see you and squeeze your face.. love you