Wednesday, July 13, 2011

San Fran

After almost 3 months of Christian living 45 min from San Fran we finally got to take a day and go!  It was awesome...almost like a more civilized New York.  We took the BART from where we live straight into downtown San Fran.  The BART is like a smaller version of the subway in NY.  We walked up to the street and bam right in front of me stood the biggest Forever21 I have ever seen!  3 stories and Christian were in heaven.  After that we cruised over to Nordstrom then a couple others of our favorites.  Then we got to meet up with some of Christians childhood friends from AZ.  Kami and Jill could not have made the trip more perfect...they luckily drove a car so we got to hit up some of the must see spots!  First stop was Haight Street...could not have been more thrilled to be there... Hippyville is more like what it should be called.  There were vintage and thrift shops a mile long!  I highly recommend if you come.  Then it was off to the Golden Gate Bridge....Way better in person!  Jill is an amazing photographer and got some pics of us!  Last but not least we went to "Fishermans Wharf" where I saw more fish than I have ever seen before!  San Fran was a huge success only time I will remember to dress more appropriately!  San Fran in July= FREEZING!

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