Thursday, September 12, 2013

4 Months...

Well Parks is 4 months now and more fun then ever!  
Stats are:
height- 24  1/2 inches 50%
                                                           weight- 14.7 lbs  25-50%
                                                                          head- 75%

Parks tried "human" food for the first time this month.  Lets say he pretty much loves everything but rice cereal!  Spits it out every time!  He actually would probably prefer baby food over formula any day... Can't really blame him...that stuff is awful!  

He sits very good in his Bumbo now...especially while watching Bubble Guppies (surprise, surprise)!  Hates tummy time with a passion.  We practice every morning though, and he screams the entire time with his hands and feet off the ground.  I'm pretty convinced he will never crawl.

He is sleeping very well now, giving mom 8 hours!  That deserves a big hallelujah in itself.  

At the end of May Christian drove to St. Louis, where we would be the remainder of the summer doing pest control summer sales door to door.  It was a hard adjustment not having our dad home, but me and Parks managed.  I am a total baby so Parks and I moved in with my parents until I ended school, when we would fly put to meet him.  It was awesome having so much help at my moms!  Don't know what I would do with out her!

To be continued.........

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